Genesys International Corporation Ltd (Genesys)

Genesys International Corporation Ltd (Genesys) established in 1995 is a ISO 27001:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 company with over 2000 professionals specializing in Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geospatial Engineering domain.
Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Genesys operates seven Geospatial production and software development centers in India. Genesys has operations in USA, UK, Europe and UAE. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a growing list of Fortune 500 and SME clients, Genesys is well positioned to play a significant role in the global GIS and Geospatial Engineering services industry.
Genesys is a widely held public company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock exchange in India.
Genesys strongly believes in the power of mapping technology for the efficient optimization of enterprises and for the greater good of the average citizen.
Genesys has been delivering services to clients in USA, Europe, New Zealand, UAE and India the past 18 years with most of its client engagements running into multi year relationships.
Genesys has a number of firsts to its credit:
•    India’s first non government company to start photogrammetric mapping
•    India’s first company to start Ortho Photo production
•    India’s first company to do a large scale mapping of a country - Kuwait
•    India’s first company to start processing LiDAR data for Global Market
•    India’s first company to win a Survey of India contract for Aerial Photography of 137 cities in India
•    India’s first company to carry out aerial photography and supply finished product over 59 cities covering the US and 14 countries in Europe
•    India’s first GIS company to achieve ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001
•    India’s first company to capture 360 degree panoramic data and create a visual database for 50 cities in India
Genesys is a pioneer in providing advanced survey and mapping solutions to Enterprises in the Telecom and Infrastructure verticals for fiber network roll out and maintenance, urban transportation and new city planning. Over the last few years Genesys has gained rich experience in providing such services and solutions to some of the leading players in these verticals.

Genesys has been working on cutting edge technologies through in-house research and global partnerships to create the best in geospatial data products and solutions for various telecom user segments addressing many pain areas with high dependency on reliable ground information.

With rapid urbanization being witnessed in the country in recent times the demands on the Infrastructure, especially urban transportation and management, is increasing exponentially. Infrastructure companies and Government bodies responsible for infrastructure management have the onus of keeping up with the ever-increasing demands and build the infrastructure in quick time. To be able to meet such steep expectations Infrastructure companies need to rely on technologies that enable speedier implementation of urban transportation projects with reliable accuracy.
As conventional technologies are limited in accuracy, confidence, completeness, and automation for extracting and modeling the corridor features, Genesys has on offer InfraSCAPE solution to address the needs of the Infrastructure companies
Genesys’ InfraSCAPE solution modeled on mobile and terrestrial LiDAR systems provide accurate terrain models and mapping information, critical to planning, design and maintenance. 

Market Analysis and Route Planning System (MARS) is a web based decision support system customized to suit the requirements of any organization requiring to analyze market statistics based on Census data and eventually help in identifying the market areas for brand promotion based on selected census parameters. The user can prepare a route plan for covering target places in a pre-decided time period.
Industry segments like FMCG Retail, Real-estate, Insurance, Pharma etc. rely heavily on business parameters like sales, customer inventory, potential market segmentation for managing their business. Geographical location information and analysis significantly improves their ability to maximize their business potential.
Conventional database management software can only answer statistical questions like how many customers are out there and which territory has the highest growth. GIS applications, in contrast can locate all this information geographically. It also allows use to spatially visualize data thus revealing hidden relationships, patterns and trends. For eg. GIS can answer queries like which locations are suitable for certain retail outlet location? What route should distribution trucks take to minimize the delivery cost and time? What are the potential rural areas having great scope for marketing particular product?

Genesys provides a comprehensive advanced survey and mapping solutions addressing the needs of the Urban Local Bodies, Municipalities and other Government agencies in the areas of Property Tax assessment validation, hawker management, hoarding / billboard management, road deformation assessment, land information management, parcel mapping, 3D modeling etc. Genesys has vast experience in providing geospatial services and solutions to Government bodies in India, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

Genesys offers CitySCAPE solutions combined with advanced survey technologies and web based applications to address day-to-day urban functions by featuring reliable, accurate and easy to use ground information. CitySCAPE solutions help capture the “ground reality as is” in an interactive 360 degree immersive panoramic imagery media with precise geographic coordinates of real-world environment. CitySCAPE street level survey through vehicle mounted mapping systems is faster and accurate opposed to conventional field survey techniques.

Genesys provides the complete access to whole spectrum of GIS services mapping above and below waterline. The Company provides wide range of Geological and Hydrological Technical Solutions and Data Management Services. We offer unique precise combinations of high tech data acquisition technologies to reduce the uncertainty and modernize the services which enables operational planning, leads to reduced costs, enhances overall safety and improves operational efficiency.

“ is an Internet service built by Genesys International Corporation. Genesys was recently listed by Forbes Magazine among Asia's ‘Best under a Billion’ companies. Its team — which includes remote sensing experts, urban planners, social scientists and Internet buffs — passionately believes that new age mapping platforms like can help drive change in society. It believes maps can inform and help users engage with the world around them. Its goal is to make a daily aspect of every Indian's life.”

During the financial year ending on March 31, 2013, the Company achieved the total revenue of Rs. 11,874.44 lakhs as compared to Rs. 9,821.44 lakhs in the previous financial year. The Profit after tax during the financial year under review stood at Rs. 2,062.13 lakhs as against Rs. 1,644.59 lakhs in the previous financial year.

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Chairman & Managing Director
Mrs. Saroja Malik
Whole-time Director
Mr. Sohel Malik
Executive Director
Mr. Hemant Majethia
Independent Director
Mr. Ganapathy Vishwanathan
Independent Director
Mr. Ganesh Acharya
Independent Director 
Mr. Anil Kumar Lakhina
Independent Director

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